Heroes Square

To make an unforgettable journey into the past, simply visit the "pearl of the Danube", as referred to in Budapest tourists themselves, and look into the lock as soon as Heroes' Square. His name – Vaydahunyad. Sounds rather unusual, even "cut" ear. But what can you do? This is also the Hungarian language! He – a unique, like nothing on earth. Winter – skating in the summer – Lake Castle Vaydahunyad "teapot in Budapest" no knowledge "of the universal international language" it is easy to find. He – at the Heroes' Square, on the artificial island in the beautiful parks of Budapest – Varoshligeti. There is almost always noisy and crowded.

Autumn, summer and spring in the city park you can ride on a boat artificial lake, leisurely walk paved with thousands of foot paths, sit an hour or two in the romantic silence in the shadows of the trees (they are about 7000!). But winter was not to know. He turns into a skating rink. In the front yard lock feel like their own, to hear the exclamations in different languages. Around – a small public garden.

Between the footpath broken neat flowerbeds. In one class went on 2-3 years on the bench in the shade of trees widely ramified solid uncle in the clothing shop wizard. This Ignaz Alpari – Hungarian architect. However, not alive, and spitting of bronze. – Oh, to be photographed – allow a friend to one vote and on a wide bench on both sides of the famous Hungarian.