In The New Year Successfully And Efficiently Communicate

New edition of the book series “voice compass” from immediately Aachen, 7.1.2010. The new year begins for many with good intentions. In the business environment, work more efficiently, more time, more effective communication, and the optimal use of new technologies are just a few of the frequent and urgent objectives for 2010. In addition to the will to comply with these resolutions, a lot is necessary knowledge to implement them. The new voice compass (R) evolution in communication”provides expert knowledge and important information about products, manufacturers and suppliers. The extensive compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the market of for information and communication technology. The standard work, which already appears in the third installment, focuses especially the theme of unified communications (UC), which many in the implementation of their resolutions can be a great help. Unified communications means combining the available communication channels such as telephone, fax, E-Mail, etc., and whose central control on a user interface.

Communication is so much more flexible, because not only from an Office PC, but also via a Smartphone or from the Home Office that can be accessed. Presence, collaboration, and conferencing capabilities enable efficient and effective work because misses are reduced in the communication and, for example, the number of missions can be reduced significantly. The new voice compass delivers more than 40 comparison and recommendations about products and companies in addition to numerous practical examples and background information. In addition to the focus theme of unified communications, the voice compass places emphasis on the area of language automation. Electronic dictionaries are indispensable in our daily lives and meet, for example, at large support hotlines, telephone banking or in many call centers. Here, the compendium provides not only numerous application examples, but also background knowledge to technology tips and tricks around on the successful implementation of the project. The voice compass gives also information on professional headsets, mobile and Audio marketing and security applications with VoIP.

As usual presents the orange knowledge package also complicated issues in simple and popular words, peppered with the famous wit and many examples and recommendations from the practice. The new voice compass (R) evolution in communications is now available. Buy with the address to get directly to the Publisher’s online shop. A look at the voice compass can take Preview prior to purchase at.