Interaction Developers

As soon after the formation of our country, a number of practices within companies iprinyatyh this form of design rules, as Collocation, was claimed by various groups 'developperov'. You can also point out that the market dictating its terms. Strictly comply with them or ignore them – personal business chiefs and management of projects with IT-organizations. Preference scheme of interaction depends on the specifics of the organization, features of the project and last but not least – on the possibilities of joint work with specialists. Remote collaborative work for a long time to prove its right to exist. This is especially true in the case of involvement in the project of well-paid professionals, who can not take on full time. These are the masters of his craft graphics copywriters, artists, programmers, and optimizers. Experts have higher class is not always unpromising, while their involvement in some projects is sometimes very necessary.

However, the organization of work – web site promotion with remote craftsmen there are significant difficulties with the interaction between team members. Different time zones, different working hours and free-Lancer difference methods of communication do not work on the project altogether more efficiently, stretched over time. One the best solution for remote work on a project and technology development promotion of the site can be considered as a project management system. Such systems to work together in a single all freelancers joint system so that the results of each were seen in the mode of on-line. Project management systems are virtual offices, where each member has his best-organized workplace. Manager project can observe the work of all project participants, each of which has its own level of access to information and opportunity to interact with other free-Lancer as needed. The project participant receives problem, as they become available reports on their implementation. Each task has been prepared with the timetable for its implementation, cost, contains notes and participant of the project manager. In this case, the task after its making machine is considered as a finished work, and details of its cost comes at the expense of free-electron Lancer. Immediately after the completion of the project, each free-Lancer gets paid in the amount received from the general value of all completed jobs.