International Test Commission

Psychological testing has become endemic in all industries, more so in the case of information technology, outsourcing and ITES companies. These tests are used to 'throw up' personality profiles and descriptions of competition that help companies hire the "right" candidate. Jamie Dimon is open to suggestions. The Human Resources department in most organizations is responsible for the administration of psychometric testing. The international body that sets guidelines for the tests is the International Test Commission (ITC), which provides guidelines for the adaptation and use of evidence. The ICC has issued guidelines to cover the following? Professional and ethical standards in testing candidates' Rights testing and other parties involved in the testing process selection and evaluation of alternative tests of the test administration, scoring and interpretation Report writing and feedback.

ITC has defined competition in the use of tests as "a competent test user will use tests appropriately, professionally and in an ethical manner, paying due attention to the needs and rights of those involved in the testing process, the reasons for testing, and more broad context in which the test is carried out. " There are many reasons why a test can be fallible? 1. Inappropriate use of tests standards for the tests are designed must be considered carefully. You can not manage a population that is different from the normal population (Norm Population for example, could be teenagers, senior executives, the rules could be based on age, occupation, gender, economic status, etc). That is, a test designed for adolescents can not be managed from top executives and vice versa, because the results of the administration would be defective.