Internet And Email

Even Russian companies, such as Rambler, trying to promote anti-spam policies on legislative level. It is reasonable to question, and whether worth it? Is it justified the use of spam in business if it is so fraught with consequences? Do not resort to civilized methods of e-mail marketing "with permission"? But despite the seriousness of the situation, spam still continues to flow into our mailboxes. We delete such messages without even reading their contents, but that somehow does not get easier. Every check for new mail, you find more and more letters. This is despite the various spam filters that are on each server. Although the response of spam compared with a voluntary e-mail marketing, just worthless, it still continue to apply for the benefits of the business (although spam call good, hard tongue turns).

And due to this, or ignorance of those people who sends his or cheap advertising done. Anyway, spam is alive and continues to be a scourge of the modern Internet. But we do not have to put up with it, and it is through their own efforts can reduce the amount in their own boxes. For this we must observe basic rules of hygiene Network. For example, create a few boxes of each for its own purposes: work, friends, and for mailing of spam. First, it is convenient, and secondly, because you cut the flow of junk mail you are doing. After all, questionable sites, where you have to do to enter your e-mail address, you can not shine your basic box, and specify the address of a different, specially created for this purpose.