Investigative Work

All investigation is sustained in theories to give validity to its results, to sustain the expositions formulated in the same, following the scheme formulated or proposed for the development of the same, or the paradigm, focuses or as the process is approached denominates theoretical frame to him or and it is located like chapter II in the structure of the investigation report, nevertheless, this chapter is from my point of view considered like the ashen one of the specialistic investigation inasmuch as that many inclusively seudo in investigation treats only it like a filling about theories that lowers, transcribe and in worse of the cases the copy and sticks, but the theory or like it does not denominate my dear professor Jackeline Hurtado de Barreras gnoseolgico syntagma it is not only a filling, nor either is to place it without making references as usually she happens almost in a 80% of the cases, according to my experience in 16 years of adviser, tutor and investigator in this sense, I have constructed an Acronym that I denominate breadfruit, that compiles a information compendium that is due to apply to this process of to construct the theoretical frame, where the first a means Author, in other words when is placed a information is due to recognize the arduous work of the person who systematized by means of methods this information, as far as the author she is due to say to its last name and initial of the name accompanied by the year of the publication of the information between parenthesis (). The c, talks about the appointments, in which it is said very textually or paraphrased what it has been taken from the author, the same are possible to be classified of different forms but in this occasion I will already mention a classification realised by another author with base to the extension of the appointments, then appointments are had cuts and long. The short appointments with those whose extension is smaller to 40 words, the same go in inverted commas and transcribed in the same paragraph according to the used interlineado one with base to the norms established by the institution where the investigation is realised. The long appointments are those that have 40 or more words than do not exceed 500, these goes to interlineado simple, centered to (01) centimeter of both margins. Finally the final a represents the contribution of the person who has used the appointment, which I denominate the analysis or what the statistical ones name like inference, that is to say, what has been interpreted of the appointment, this part is the one that the great majority of the people who resort to the sources to argue their proposals, their works and investigations does not do, without it becomes east process only copying and beating. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from How much does MasterClass cost? . The theory adjusts of integral form to the problematic one, which is not common to do, that is to say, must be related to the central subject of the investigation to give coherence the same. Original author and source of the article