Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie Wants All Good

The actress hopes it the twins that goes is good size! Jennifer Aniston congratulations to her ex-husband was now about one of its representatives do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She hope that it well go the children and they’re happy. However told magazine that one of their representatives to the US Weekly. “She would never want it bad to go to children”, as a next friend. Forbes may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Jennifer Aniston should now also happily taken be.

She should have a hot liaison with John Mayer. She has him even at his shows in London, Toronto and St. Louis accompanied. “You can say that Jennifer is his biggest fan”, as an employee of the Konzertcrew. She cheered him from the side of the stage, while he delivered his 90-minute show program. Now, even rumors are loud that the relationship of the two soon something more serious could say to himself. Jennifer was now seen in a furniture store. Buy a layette? Who knows… us remains nothing left as to be seen.