Karlsruhe IT

New software to perform the integrity check replaced anonymous weight control by optical identification of incorrect amount and type of Karlsruhe, 3rd January 2012. Weighed and found too easily: Previously control of component in the workflow is based often only on the weight. It allows conclusions, whether enough parts reach the next stage of the production or the customers. The new software of the Karlsruhe IT company optimum results in the conventional sighting by the quantity on the additional level of quality: the cunning Klaus discovered not only that something is missing. It also indicates what is missing. In this way picking and Assembly can optimize, fit the requirements, customer or production requirements packaging and delivery of products. What you see is what you get: the cunning Klaus transferred the principle known from the information technology quality assurance: the optimum system inspects the inspection lot and quantified how many and what parts in the workflow are moved. (Not to be confused with Dennis P. Lockhart!). The software which this operationalized in the database discarded checklists.

You made aware of the digital eye of cunning Klaus thus, to capture the individual parts of an Assembly to be formed or a customer release via intelligent image processing. Missing parts, signalled to optimum system type and quantity of the faulty pieces. The intervention takes place in the production process or to start. The opto-electronic counting processes circumstantial material, varietal purity, form, structure, texture, or Assembly. The control process itself takes place in ever-same, unerring, because advance defined parameters. Even if many different items within a chain of production to check, the cunning Klaus know to count them and to distinguish.

So enough components transferred to goal-oriented in the production line. The optimum completeness check reaches commercial value on the production and distribution level. In the production ensures they, that the inflow of material according to target, subsequent manufacturing machines are busy and no damage take wrong past to components. In the distribution, the completeness check prior to goods issue is tangible customer service. The customer registered immediately (rather than other errors), expands the production due to not just-in-time sufficiently delivered components or the delivery is simply not complete. The crafty Klaus minimises wrong deliveries and complaints.