Katja Nasser

A longer storage time would even affect its taste. Higher quality wines have always providing the shelf life This exhibit good wine shops. Misconception # 4: is a young white wine better and drink as an older white wine! Also this is a mistake: the age of the wine is also not a quality feature. The slightly older white wine is the most of all wines. Misconception # 5: the best wines come from the French, Spanish and Italian vineyards! That’s not entirely true also wines from other regions and continents can be top notch and taste great. Error the old red wines taste # 6: best! So sweeping one can not really say that. The older red wines are only slightly more expensive. A younger red wine can taste better as an elder.

Mistake # 7: the more expensive one wine, the better! No, blind tastings have proved that the cheaper the better wines were classified. The price of a wine says nothing about its quality. Mistake # 8: A Cork is a sure sign of the good quality of the wine! This misconception has unfortunately fairly long held. The Cork says nothing about the quality of the wine. He can even affect the taste of the wine. The full flavor of the wine can be ensured with the screw cap.

Also can be much easier to open a bottle of wine. Mistake no. 9: men are the infallible wine connoisseur! Certainly not. It has long been known that women are the better wine connoisseur because they can have a much finer taste and much better perceive the differences of their wines. Misconception No. 10: The men are the right wine drinker this is unfortunately also not right. “A representative survey of pharmacies look around” revealed that to women much more often a glass wine treat. 9.3 per cent of women indicated in this survey that regularly drink wine; among men, it was only 7.6%. “Mistake no. 11: beer to wine, let it be!” This saying remains stubbornly for centuries. The beer drinking he goes back to the middle ages, as the poor people at best reserved was and the wine was considered a privilege of the upper classes of the population. Who then a pint wine could afford, it avoided of course, drinking cheap beer. Wine to beer, so I counsel you! “, goes on to say. Most understand today that it is quite friendly to consume beer and then wine first. A good hangover is the receipt for this mistaken joy of sense of the next morning. And enough of the theory – get a good glass of wine and enjoy the juice of the vine. Katja Nasser