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When the globe “Planet Earth” was introduced in 1972, was a further Milestone in the history of the publishing house. Maximum information and answering many questions were offered on this extraordinary day and night globe indicating sunrises and sunsets, twilight zones and seasons. After the reunification of Germany, 1993, the turnover of the industry collapsed and Peter Oestergaard, together with his son, Torsten, decided moving to Krauchenwies. At a time when the cartography and the production with the speed of the global changes could compete in the local suppliers were more closely involved in the production process and significantly expanded the capacity. In terms of expansion the distribution of CartoDirect was founded in 2003, which Europe has taken over the distribution of maps and globes range the National Geographic society and other renowned, cartographic publishers.

Edge includes McNally, Klett-Perthes, albedo39, ITMB, planet observer, Swiss Topo and more in other products of the publishers. The Columbus publishing today: Today the Columbus publishing offers a variety of different world models, including mouth-blown crystal glass globes that are still concealed in traditional craftsmanship. The bandwidth designer Globes, day / night models, plastic and children Globes also includes to back to the world’s largest Globes manufactured in series with over one meter of ball diameter. In cooperation with renowned partners high quality branded products are manufactured, like for example the mouse globe”(together with the WDR), the Hare Felix globe (together with Coppenrath Verlag), GEO and GEOlino Globes and maps the Ravensburger kids globe, Ravensburger puzzle ball, WIW children globen and others Wall maps complement the range of the Columbus. Already impressive team of cartographers, the in-house printing works until technology designers and unique custom-made products have been created for unusual wishes and demands. For the future of the company under the current management by Torsten Oestergaard continues on cartographic accuracy and timeliness, innovative trends in the design of the Globes, as well as on the traditional manufacturing of globe lamination.

The name COLUMBUS for creativity, passion for the product and highest quality stands as oldest globe manufacturer in the world and innovators of throughout the industry. That the company manufactures our own products remain exclusively in Germany, is to do this of course. Also for the Web shop of, the Publisher sets high standards. A simple and clear navigation in the shop is as self-evident as the responsible handling of customer data during registration, as well as during and after ordering and shipping process. An SSL certification was already set up for secure data transmission. The trusted shops certification (also a visible seal of approval) is in preparation and will be implemented as soon as possible.