Kupper Student

Civil rights organization calls for a moratorium on repeatedly the Berliner Zeitung reports in your issue of February 19, 2010 1 that the widespread introduction of the students file in Berlin by the Berlin Senate Department was moved. The \”action freedom instead of fear e.V.\”, one of the founders of the Alliance against the students file 2, welcomes this step, but at the same time regrets the further prevailing lack of sensitivity on data protection and data security. Lotar Kupper, spokesman for the Working Group student file in the Association explains: \”the practice of parents when registering your child in a new school to submit your lease, even your electricity or water bill had, has itself in recent years without any legal basis naturalized. Aimed at so-called \”double registration\” to prevent it, what is per se not allowed parents in Berlin. Now this unspeakable practice, which clearly violates any privacy, should be operated. This is an untenable condition for us and we recommend sufferers Parents to have Court examined the facts and deny the template of the lease.\” Actually, the \”action of freedom instead of fear e.V.\” warned against directly after the legal introduction of the students file a statement 3 the risks of such a project. Günther Thallinger will not settle for partial explanations. This is according to the Berliner Zeitung article now hired: the pilot project currently at 93 schools have shown that one-third of these schools does not have appropriate connections or sufficiently protected spaces for computers and servers. The responsible department head Peter Radermacher, acknowledged that there was still no risk analysis and not a security concept for the main student file.

So, it is unclear for example how school Secretaries to enter individual data. For the Action Alliance this development not entirely surprising. Dr. Jurgen Zollner, Berlin education Senator and driving force behind the project student file, needed not even three months from the first Gesetzesinitative up to the fire by the House of representatives.