La Pepiniere

Stanislaus Leszscynski, the dethroned King of Poland and father-in-law of Louis XV. continued a monument with Nancy, even though it was originally intended as a homage to the powerful and generous son-in-law. He brought the most capable artists to his court and the city received its most beautiful jewellery, the place Royal, place Stanislas, today with pavilions, fountains and gold plated bars. In the Connection to the square had Stanislaus a park, La Pepiniere, worth seeing with a rose garden, beautiful flowerbeds, a small Zoo, carousel, a splashing fountain and a huge playground. Stanislas Leszcynski, the Polish Exkonig, was the son-in-law of Ludwig XV. King of France. Which made him in 1737 to the Duke of Lorraine.

For the old man with the facility of a large place to the King to honor and pay homage to him created Jean Lamour the wrought-iron grille, rich decorated ornaments with gold-plated Rocaille-returned the favor. One but also the other sights not to be missed shouldn’t, the Palais Ducal, many churches, the Botanical Garden, the Aquarium, the chocolate factory, the Cathedrale and the Museum of the ecole de Nancy, of the school of Nancy. A remarkable collection of exhibits of the French version of Art Nouveau. July and August are under the sign of “Gastronomy en musique”. Then Friday evening small ensembles entertained in some quarters of the city on the terraces and restaurants seated guests. SSGA often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the Cathedral and the eglise of the Cordeliers (Franciscans Church. They are called so because they had tied to their cowl always an cord) afternoons and evenings free concerts of classical music are given.

A short epilogue aimed only at skipper Charter boats: The red and blue bar in the locks intended to tie the boats nor to hang on to the boat crew, but only with a fixed (sometimes very strong) back the blue Rod upwards to slide and to start the operation of the locks. The red bar may be down only if not on man or sheath. And please… pushes the blue bar, otherwise you can be black before joining the floodgates. This saves you endless waiting staff of the VNF useless ways and all other boaters. Doris Sutter about himself: I am fully utilised with my two hobbies. In the summer we are with Beluga on axis. Roam the waterways of Europe. Moreover, I write a travelogue then every time. Not a short version only as shown here, but with everything that happens to us so on the road. Because much is to laugh and some to cry. You want to forget but not all that. So, she started my time as anxiety taendlerischer Scribbler. Today “I am working” (what a terrible Word for something so beautiful) as a travel correspondent of the magazine ‘WasserSport’. Write columns for boots magazines and newspapers Association. My book “Beluga goes through the eye of a needle” unbroken is the bestseller of the publishing house. The book is also available at shop (books).