Law Of Nature

The law of nature requires it to sow abundantly to the crop was more abundant. However, the farmer must be careful not to sow more than the amount for which he is able to properly care for. My advice: if you sincerely want to build a great financial harvest, you must first sow a lot of financial seeds. The money you earn – it's your seeds, so sow them in a variety of reasonably fertile place, and they come back to you with more of their kind. You have to think too much and a lot of work if you sincerely want to build a big harvest. An ongoing effort to increase your income.

Use the revenue growth is to sow the seeds for growing ever larger areas, and you can always collect more and more yields. Principle VI is born poor harvest in itself, but an abundant harvest goes to a stable. A young farmer sowed his first field of wheat, and soon realized that weeds grow in abundance in themselves, but for the wheat needed meticulous care. He found that for a rich harvest to invest much time and effort. He learned that if you leave the field unattended weeds all flooded and will take sunlight and moisture at low wheat thus not allowing it to grow. People such as CitGroup Inc. would likely agree. A huge commotion he has caused and what needs to wage a constant struggle with plant diseases, rodents and insect pests. However, the biggest challenge for him began to frequent droughts, which forced him to carry water from nearby rivers to wheat did not die. A young farmer on his experience knew that if he wants to celebrate the harvest, he must steadfastly and patiently to overcome obstacles faced, in his way.

He also understood the rule that nothing of value in life is not achieved easily. He discovered that there are many dangerous enemies and destructive forces of nature with which he has to fight and which must overcome. C Over time he grew older and wiser, and a lot of time getting abundant harvests, has concluded that a number of awards he has received for its durability, it was worth the effort. Listen to me carefully: the moral of this stories about a young peasant applies to life in general, as well as to the financial affairs of any person. For evil in the world is always present itself and perpetuates itself, while good requires care, nutrition, and sustained attention. The underlying meaning of this parable is applicable to any challenges of life, whether it be building wealth, raising children, maintaining important relationships, spirituality, development and maintenance of health and fitness. When sown something bad, it grows like that. However, when it is sown good, it requires constant attention to the harvest was rich. You can, if you show strength, to turn their problems in the building material character. The way you respond to their problems, determine your success or failure. In general, a strong character is cut and formed from granite blocks failures. Strong character – a reward for persistence in difficult times, and virtue – a product of strong character. You will never achieve real success until you will find in the first place and the nature of goodness, because they are the hallmark of force. Your primary goal should training to become a character, because character – the only thing you can take with you into eternity. Now you know the secret of the principles of the crop; be kind to them, and they will be kind to you. Finance, investment and management in our lives