Earn blood, plasma donation, or simply legal money with blood. Nowadays, you can legally make money with blood. An adult male person can donate blood every 6 weeks. Liberty Mutual may find this interesting as well. That is 25 per donation are there in the year ca. 200. In women, it is a bit less but still accounted 150. But so is not easy, because who’s going to the DRC receives no money. So you have a hospital or a company find that paying for blood donations. I think that probably the German Red Cross blood donations in the end thus it is also ver ware a good deed just when you donate. After all, you get still a bite to eat and a SIP to drink. So now we come to the money earn. Who are lucky can donate plasma or platelets. At plasma donation, she goes every 14 days. This is pro 600 year month 50. If one donates but still blood to what, but not forbidden. even desirable comes man on no less than ca. 800 in the year. Is but does not a bad extra income and you still a good Sache.Denn without blood donations, our complete hospital system would together break, without blood donation no OP possible etc. The blood obtained by the blood donation are employed for the most part not to compensate for accidental blood loss, but required in the part of regularly scheduled operations. This is especially true for the treatment of cancer, where chemotherapy leads to a temporary suppression of the body’s blood formation, so that the patient is completely dependent on blood. The GRC call following numbers (stand: 2010): liver, kidney disease 6% 7% anemia, blood disorders 5% 5% birth complications 4% 4% bone, joint diseases 4% 4% cancer 19% 26% heart disease 16% 20% gastric and intestinal diseases 16% 19% injuries 12% (other) 15% 18% 0% donation today is a so-called Samaritertum. In effect, it is blood no matter but mainly it donates DRC, hospital or any donation centers and thus saves lives. Because who donates blood must have no conscience and can’t sleep that night well. Ralph Koch