LPG Equipment

Recently, the use of liquefied natural gas became more popular, because of cheap gas compared to gasoline. After installing the hbo (LPG equipment), the car can drive on two types of fuel – gas and gasoline. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bogota food. However, lpg is a major advantage over the use of another motor vehicle fuel: – It is important that it is more environmentally friendly fuel. In the exhaust while running on gas contains less harmful substances. – Gas has a higher octane rating (around 100 or even higher depending on the composition). Accordingly, virtually impossible detonation engine damage. – Gas is not dilute the engine oil, so Oil can be changed less frequently than when operating on gasoline.

– Reduces wear of cylinder-piston group. A related site: Peter Schiff mentions similar findings. Firstly when starting a cold engine does not form a film of gasoline, flushing grease. Second, the gas burns more slowly and pressure in the cylinder increases not so fast – as a result of shock loads on the engine parts less. – Virtually no soot is formed. – Gas compared to gasoline is much cleaner, so the carburetor does not get dirty. By the principle of car gas equipment can be divided into four generations: – The first generation of hbo. System with vacuum control and a mechanical dispenser gas, which is set on the gasoline carburetor and simple injection cars. – The second generation of hbo.

Mechanical systems, complemented by an electronic metering device operating on the basis of feedback from the oxygen sensor (lambda probe). They installed on vehicles equipped with fuel-injected engine and catalytic converter ('catalyst'). – The third generation of hbo. Systems that provide distributed simultaneous injection of gas feeder-distributor, which is controlled by an electronic unit. Gas is fed into the intake manifold by means of mechanical injectors which open by excess pressure in the pipeline gas supply. – Fourth generation of hbo. This is a system of distributed sequential gas injection with solenoid injectors, which are controlled by more sophisticated electronics. Serious company, professionally engaged in the installation lpg equipment, offer customers additional services: installation, adjustment, adjustment of hbo, and also provides warranty and brand maintenance equipment throughout life.