Malvazija Arman

Since 1880 the family Arman here produces wines, but only in the 1990 established the present Winery Marijan Arman and was one of the first who put in Istria on modern, high-quality wines. The vineyard extends on the gentle slopes, directly along the Valley of the river Mirna. You have a southwestern disposition, which allows a maximum exposure to sunlight. In the fully equipped basement, red wines are produced from the varieties Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Refok, and Merlot, and white wines from Malvasia and Chardonnay. Partially ripe wines in the oak barrels. At Jadrovino: Malvazija Arman, vintage 2009 Bastijana Tomic In 1997 experienced winemaker andro Tomic, the winery Bastijana founded on the island of Hvar.

The estate became a fixture for high-quality wines and the concept for wine connoisseurs in Croatia, but also in other countries. Bastijana’s home in the town of Jelsa which is very popular among tourists. Here, Tomic annually produced 150,000 bottles, being the most important variety of the Plavac. Is very appreciated also the Prosek Hektorovic, a dessert wine made from different Grades. Proud man is Bastijana, on the tasting room under the winery which is kept in the style of a Roman dining room. At Jadrovino: Tomic Plavac barrique, vintage 2007, also new at Jadrovino Tomo TOMac Sylvaner, vintage 2008 LEDING Grasevina (Welschriesling), vintage 2009 about Jadrovino Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, specializes on selected wines and delicacies of Croatia. Our portfolio includes leading winemakers from the regions of Istria, Kvarner, zagorje, Slavonia, and Dalmatia.

Jadrovino is the leading provider of wines from Croatia in the German-speaking world since 2001. The most important distribution channel is since the beginning of the Internet. Jadrovino is regularly represented at wine events. Today, Jadrovino counts more than 1,300 customers in 13 European countries. More information: Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar Gerhard Lzicar corridor route 9 c 85622 Feldkirchen Tel: + 49/89/55275302 fax: + 49/89/55275303 eMail: Web: