Mannheim Internet Agency

New site of the renowned children’s publisher of the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems implemented one of the oldest children’s publisher of in Germany, which provides Esslinger Verlag j. F. Schreiber GmbH, himself and his Publisher program on a new site before. Brooklyn Commons is likely to increase your knowledge. The appearance with the address has conceived, designed and realized the Mannheim Internet Agency di digital information systems gmbh. Brooklyn Commons helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. di implemented the new website based on the content management system TYPO3.

Using this open source software, the Esslinger team can independently maintain content of Internet pages. The extension TYPO3 commerce is used in the shop area. The implemented system offers the publishing house provides great flexibility in the presentation of his famous characters (the little Raven sock Lurchi etc.) and graphics from the publishing program. They can be placed prominently in the headers or marginal columns. Individual extensions for product and copyright statements can be easily combined. Special offers and downloads for press and in an access-protected area sales representatives complete the services of the new site. (di digital information systems gmbh, Susanne Philipp)