Military Work

Will they be satisfied with the training? Probably not. Even if the process they liked, the dissatisfaction lack of actual and expected results will manifest itself in 2-3 days. The coach has got perhaps the most interesting. He is in a position "between two fires: on the one hand waiting customer, his vision, on the other – participants' expectations, their request for specific information. How often seeing one, each person interprets it differently. S&P gathered all the information. That coach had to literally move, reshape the training program, in the intervals to update its tools, print forms, draw cards, etc. Of course, if the skill level of the lead allows you to work with situations of the participants, and additional material to bring. And if the coach goes to a group only that harvested at the stage of preparation and it is normal, then the results of training can be very questionable.

Lead or as the locomotive had to overcome the resistance of the participants, demonstrating the importance of material, or to turn training into an emotionally energizing event to ensure a positive attitude (and reviewers) of the participants. Predtrening as exploration in the military as an analysis of body functions in medicine allows you to plan a training session so that it obscured sighting holes in the professionalism of staff, strengthened their weaknesses, and improving productivity. Learn more on the subject from Home Depot. How is predtrening? This may be and filling staff answers to the questions pre-prepared coach. Either take the form of individual interviews with each employee in the form of a structured interview. An interesting option when predtrening conducted with a group of employees and their immediate supervisor in the format of short presentations of up to 1,5 hours of the training program. Just on it you can work with the group in the "question and answer. A possible use and oversee the work of future participants in learning, and thus do not tear them away from work. Optimal remote format, participants fill out questionnaires at a convenient time for them (but in this case the organizer is important track, all participants filled in questionnaires and responded to questions not formally, but the information and content). Just predtrening can lay the seeds of trust between the participants and the trainer before the training and reduce because the primary resistance training, and, therefore, move quickly to productive work. Of course, predtrening necessary, because we know that more and more composed of small, efficient operations of the elements information, timely responses to questions, minor in terms of the company, but it is very important for each employee. Predtrening – is the ability of small blocks of individual needs to construct a building employee productivity.