Monitoring Employees

For monitoring employees, most companies use a recording of telephone conversations, listening to them after the call. Look for common mistakes and eliminate them immediately! 5.Sootnosite tasks operators with business objectives. If your problem is – the message is limited information as possible to more customers, you will be critical duration of the call and it should encourage staff to brevity. People such as American Writer would likely agree. If you are stimulating sales by phone, setting the correct action and evaluation of conversion operators are indicators: the ratio of incoming calls and make purchases. 6.Staraytes constantly reduce the waiting time for the client. Man "at the end of the line" is always in suspense – he does not see the other person and therefore does not know what will happen next. When the waiting delayed, claims rising client begins to get irritated. This can lead to discharge of the call or to the fact that the potential buyer "is" in conversation with the operator already wound up, angry and ready for conflict.

7.Nauchite workers help services provide the most clear, concise, but at the same time a full-fledged response. Client at the other end never sees the operator. Can not respond to his gestures, so a "map" (full descriptions in order, course of action, a reference point in the description) in a conversation is very important. According to Primerica life insurance, who has experience with these questions. Sometimes increase the time they call and misunderstanding by the client ("They're stupid …") explanation of the employee is not bound by the client, they are associated with impaired activity operator. 8.Technical advice.

Discard the super-offers TV that will offer you the best of ultra modern solutions (probably for the super-ultra-money). Most companies do not use technical potential of superoborudovaniya even half. Before moving to a new system or creating a call-center, define tasks to be solved and buy only those decisions that are needed for the job. Save and do not overpay for software or technical innovations, but the number of lines for the phones should be a good (at least sesquialteral) margin. And, of course, the ability to record calls to track them – must also educate someone staff!. 9.I MOST IMPORTANT: Remember that you pay a call-center employees do not for a simple talk on the phone, and not just for the fulfillment of its responsibilities, and for the solution of important and necessary for the company's problems. This understanding should permeate the work of operators and all other officers responsible for the phone. H-TOCHNO_ KNOW: WHAT LUCHSHE_ SDELAT_-TO_ G_ ERRORS, CHEM_ NE_ DELAT_ DOES. Start with the first action, after a week in practice, enter the second and so Further action to number 9. I assure you, after 2.5 month, you get a very tangible results. If something goes wrong and you have no one to discuss what is happening, email me at, ask your important questions. At the same address you can Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which I consider critical issues of selling and managing retail outlets (for example, orthopedic stores) Other tips can be found on this site