My Small Business. Owner

Instructions for use this time to tell a story that helps you learn a new kind of business, without any zest and intrigue. But all is easily achievable, and embodied now my own. If carefully explore the 'Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights', then find one article that would oblige the company of the manufacturer and implementer of the firm give the consumer detailed operating instructions for appliances only in Russian. Nevertheless, somewhere in 80 percent of home appliances such instructions are not. In our town it is almost all sold video equipment, chargers and lamps. This – a violation legislation. Now I can be, call the echidna smile sellers of household appliances, but such a situation, first of all, put in the awkward position of their own selves. Little that the detection of this disorder have to pay penalties, but any consumer product, acquiring a costly device, may be in the absence of instructions translated into Russian to do with it what she pleased, and then, on an entirely legitimate require replacement or repair shop. And court will be on his side. Several years ago, when did this law, I walked a few vendors selling appliances, and invited them to translate and produce mock-up instructions for this technique. I knew very little English, in my possession was a computer and an inkjet printer. Almost all of the sellers I have received orders and well earned. At this time orders are to find a bit more complicated, but If the try, then you can. Certainly, though, this may not be as a separate business, but as a running-fit. At the moment the prices I have are: 30-60 rubles – the translation and production layout a little one-page manual, 300 – 500 rubles – the translation and production layout great instruction to complex household appliances (refrigerator, VCR). For those wishing to produce small batches of instructions, but prices in this case, doing little more than the usual charge for photocopying. A desktop scanner can help in this work. No need to draw graphs and pictures, we can only replace the text. One of my obvious advantages in this service that do all the work from start to finish and hand over the work performed at quite a high price does not. He does not need to communicate with an interpreter, typography, etc. At this point in my Stock is one such idea. The fact that most computer equipment is sold at all without any instructions. Typically, the kit includes the device itself and a cd with drivers for it. So it is much more economical. However, many computer owners – not very knowledgeable users. They can easily burn unit, connecting it wrong, despite the fact that most devices are not connected almost impossible. I think that the big companies that sell computers, could probably work with someone who who was engaged to manufacturer instructions to such devices – operating manual for 'Dummies'.