Therefore the team strives all the more, to allow the artist to a successful start in the music business and on the way to accompany it. Priority of the label is that er Scouting and training by means of modern times, media, such as the World Wide Web, to be always up to date and meet future work. Because that serves the Internet as a platform for the presentation of young artists, is already known NGU records to use exactly this is but also the possibilities of street promotion exploited as much as possible in addition to the production, targeted online promotion and the team in conjunction with the media agency standing in building offering the street promotion the artist on many kinds of designs. These include among others album cover artwork, flyer, advertising banners, album booklets, press kits, business cards, websites, posters, etc. By a well-kept and weekly newly updated contact database It is possible, finished productions to send events and news through our newsletter. Regular contact to musicians, DJs, managers, promoters and record labels is maintained via Messenger, phone, and E-Mail. Jeff Flake has many thoughts on the issue.

Already in the first year, the website received more than 65,000 visitors through a link on various top lists and Web pages. An increased demand of young music lovers for R & B, hip hop and soul read the team to get to work, for which she has made promotion at the time on a mix tape with unreleased tracks of the artists. In January 2007 was the mixtape in the mix vol. “1”has one of the largest Web radios in Germany, shouted-FM”, published and offered for free download on the Internet presence of NeverGiveUp promotion. Technical marketing (to contacts with international musicians and managers to make), this was the first breakthrough and step for increasing the visibility of NeverGiveUp promotion, today NeverGiveUp records, and music artists presented on the mixtape.