New Online Shop

Soon it’s time, the new shop for organic pest control is the all-around pest concerning online + service (A.S.S.) GmbH operates over 15 years especially in ecological pest control. As a versatile service provider headquartered in Munich, the company in the region of Bavaria has developed a name in the field of ecological and biological pest control. The company offers individual solutions for professionals as well as well as for private clients. For a further customer service goes in the summer of 2011 a large pest control shop on the net. If you have read about Günther Thallinger already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Among other products to ward off harmful rodents such as rats and mice in the offer are, but also against various insects such as ants, flies or wasps, there are numerous products on ecological base.

It also traps are used: Schlagfallen and live traps for pest rodents and depending on the kind of special traps for insects. A persistent and extensive infestation is the use of Professionals but useful way required. Basically, it is especially important that all measures as possible without any toxic pollution or hazardous substances come from and thus a threat to humans, pets and the environment is consistently excluded. Also to note, also unconsciously provide no feeding grounds to the pests is. Further, it is worth the building to ensure that no pests at all can penetrate into the object. Also, many products for prevention in the new online-shop are available. So a basement shaft cover made to measure can help already, rodents and insects not even in the House. Facilities include also mosquito nets, insect barriers, and pigeon defense.

The additional service, soon online to be able to buy these products, the advantage easily from home to order proven products of biological/ecological pest control customers. The A.S.S. all-round Pest concerning + service from Munich is looking forward to the online course of the new Web shop.