November Services

Harms as the proper management standed out. ' ' the process of lasting relationship with customers does not have to constitute in a way, harms the end of any estratgia' ' , that is, it is consequence of attributes that throughout the time surpass the value of the product and the expectations of the final consumer. By any form, the actions must be taken with focus in its main target. The customer. (Alpha Consultoria, 2008) At the first moment, the Unit Retail in accord with the Unit service decided to fight the main fragilities in the relation company-customer. Between them, the sazonalidade, low the frequency of purchase for customer and the lack of flexibility in the rendering of services. The retail starts to focar in the challenge to bring the customer in definitive periods of the year where the amount of available resources in the economy is scarce. Previously science was had that the married sales of parts and services would be an exit for periods of cooling of the commerce.

However it was not obtained to consolidate such strategy due to dissonncia between its objects and of its rendering of services right-handers. Wise person that, in the periods that the sazonalidade was high in the sales, the sector of services also folloied the same trend and vice-and-turns. For example, in the year ends where the amount of capital circulating tends to be bigger, the customers search with more intensity the preventive revision of its vehicle. What demand able man power. In this period, the commercialized products more are of convenience (accessory, lubricative filters, oils, repairs of brakes, hoses, candles, among others). As if it knows, the nature of this sales if characterizes as being the sight, of high volume, however low yield. On the other hand, in the periods between January and May; September until November, the sales of more specific implementos (repairs for engines, boxes of marches, latarias and inks) they tend to be heated.