On September 22, it is again so far and the Munich Oktoberfest opens the doors again for his fans. Outlook Email has much to offer in this field. Visitors from all over the world flock on the marquee in the beer tents, and with them a smorgasbord of different germs, bacteria and more annoying sick makers. And to keep the visit of Oktoberfest fondly, one should drink not too palatable and strong beer. High season for the herpes simplex virus dense crowds even on the subway on the way to the Oktoberfest and full beer tents and streets between the rides. Surprising there, that viruses have an easy game, to distribute among the tightly-packed people.

For example, the herpes simplex virus, it is cause of small itchy blisters, usually on the lips. The chance to infect the Festival with the pathogen through droplet infection and direct contact is very high. To make matters worse comes, that the body’s natural defences by stress, lack of sleep and alcohol consumption often not at full speed, running and has already started to itch it. Trigger for the outbreak is usually a weakened immune system, in some people, even the disgust at not clean washed up beer mugs or utensils leads to the outbreak of herpes. Flu – risk of infection is very high in stress and even flu and colds have an easy time a weak immune system. Here also often very changeable, wet cold weather this time of year has an impact on health. Also the differences in temperature between the inside of the beer tents and outdoors. Here a little to relieve the organism, the onion method has proven itself which you can gradually take off the clothes, depending on the temperature and environment or tighten.

Every now and again you should treat yourself to fresh air. The air outdoors moisturizes the nasal passages and makes them less vulnerable to invading viruses and pathogens. And an additional, easy-to-use-to tip: don’t forget to wash your hands! On the “Fanilcal” without best prefer even more than too little and, if possible, to infection with Viruses out of the way to go. On the day after the Oktoberfest prevent Foundation create a hangover! Already before the first Oktoberfest mass drinking, one should eat as protein and fat. For fats and proteins remain longer in the stomach, which slows down the inclusion of alcohol in the blood. To compensate for the loss of fluid you should take before, by no later than each measure, and also occasionally to drink a large glass of water. Also, the waiver of the cigarette can help to avoid a hangover. Smoking increases the effect of alcohol, because it deprives the body of vitamins and oxygen. You should go to bed before the still once drink a large glass of water at best half a litre. A magnesium tablet is dissolved the minerals deposits again fills and water the fluid balance. Because the body uses oxygen at night to reduce the alcohol, you should sleep with the Windows open, permanently to ensure freshness. Other topics and advice around the theme of health, see