Open Device Manager

Check network adapters if you already decided that type of connection are you doing before anything check that all computers that will be connecting network adapters are working and properly configured. For that reason in system properties Open Device Manager and look at the State of the network adapters. In some of them you see the yellow sign triangular warning if they are not configured correctly. To install the driver on the adapter you need it, it gives a right click on the device and select Update driver software, introduces the DVD or CD with the device drivers, or bringing your motherboard in the case of an integrated network device and Windows Update. If you do not have the disk upgrade Internet. First step.

Create a network of local area between the teams. Connection using an Ethernet network cable. The simplest method to insert wire into two teams, Windows will detect the device and establish the connection automatically. For any type of conflicts restart. Check the connection status in the two teams, in network connections, right click on the connection selected state in State of the environment should be enabled. Connecting through a wireless network. On the host computer access network Center by typing: Home-> networks-> manage wireless networks-> add-> create an ad hoc network.

In the box that appears then insert: the network name: (no spaces) type of security: WEP password: (5 or more characters) check the box save this network and close. On the computer that receives the connection open Network Center and shared resources home-> networks-> set up a new network connection-> manually connect to a wireless network. Enter the data of the network that you created in the previous step and close. Log in and check the status of the connection, in network connections, right click on the connection select State, really speed, the State, and the bytes sent and received. Second step. Share the connection on the computer host (which has access to the internet) open network connections home-> network connections. Click with the right button of the mouse on the connection that you want to share, and then click Properties. Click the sharing tab, and then select the check box allow other network users to connect to through the connection to the Internet from this computer, the bottom flange chooses the connection with which you share the internet. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Black Rock. If the connection is with a cable select local area connection. If the connection is by means of the wireless network you choose wireless network connection. Connect to the internet, already operate the shared connection. Sharing settings for this network can also be used to share files access the center of networks and shared resources-> change advanced sharing settings and sets this as belonging to the home group network. There select the following check boxes: enable network discovery turn sharing you can read the full original article at and where you will also know the common conflict in wireless networks.