LLC Enstor Developments

Interactive solutions from the company EnStor Vadim Semikin, LLC Enstor Developments in the field of electronic document management systems – one of the important activities of the company EnStor. In this direction, experts the company has accumulated vast experience, which enables to solve the challenges posed by the customer – from standard solutions to individual design, offering complete solutions based on advanced technologies with using the most modern equipment. Electronic document management systems, depending on the scope of their use, can differentiate into several types, each of which has its own features and, therefore, used equipment and tehnologiyami.Na currently the most popular variety of interactive equipment, and in particular interactive whiteboards. It is for this because I would like to dwell on this type of equipment. Educational activities are an essential element of the demonstration of the system of education in the country. They raise the level of awareness of the latest teaching methods and achievements in the field of information technology for the process of education. Federal Agency on Education as a state contractor works to ensure implementation of program activities of the Federal target program of education for 2006-2010 (FTSPRO), an organizational basis for the realization of State policy Federation of Education and aimed at implementation of measures to improve the regulatory framework, human resource, information and logistics education. Federal targeted program of education causes us to redouble our efforts in sales of interactive and multimedia equipment. Many manufacturers are beginning to deliver these goods. The challenge for the end customer complicated by the variety appeared.