Open Your Business

The more active recruiter, the more he will attract distributors into his structure, the faster it will move to a new level, and the more checks he will receive at the end of the month. After passing this stage, the person typed experience, studying all the basics of an online business, creating a history of success, which will form the basis of training for business partners. Second Stage – LEADER. The person who designed the structure of ten to hundreds of people and went on to train their distributors. He already understands that the training of partners brings a solid check at the end of the month than the attraction distributors and distribution of products, because of his efforts to grow many times its structure. Learn more about this with JPMorgan Chase. Its main purpose is not to attract new partners, although it is present to some degree, and teaching partners correct and efficient operation. We must organize a good learning newbies, or people without training will quickly go from the structure.

And what has been achieved in the first stage, can quickly fall apart. It is therefore necessary to create such a system of training that attracted retailers to quickly learn the basics of online business and the principles of effective work. The simpler and easier learning process faster and developing more effective business. Third stage – LEADER. A leader who has built a major network organization, in cooperation with a company that already has to think strategically.

He must be thinking of the owner big business. His income has long been a major, and the structure he sees as an asset. (As opposed to Master Class). The main problem is not checked at the end of the month, and increase the value, viability and stability of the business. If he does not think big, it lags behind its competitors, who are constantly using new methods of work, change tactics, etc. This does not mean that every hitter must become the leader of a major network organization. Each person chooses your way. Some recruiters are forever, they like to communicate with new people, arrange their checks, and they never want to become leaders. They will move from company to company, and attract hundreds of people. Others create small and its structure will slowly develop it without seeking the leadership of a large organization. But evolution requires that everyone tried to go through all three stages and became head of the organization, because most tidbits are always on top. But each builds his life on his own way, everyone has his own world view, and everyone chooses what he wants in this life! Open Your Business on the Web!