Pablo Freire

In this text educating affirms its position of man identified to the courageous attribute and this being equivalent more than a woman. One becomes necessary, to apprehend this context as construction of and in the Inter-relations, creation of the proper citizen. men sobrepujam the machines of maintenance of the capitalist system disclose to its feelings and its pains. Its callous hands for the hard work obtain to express in the paper the restrained feeling of courageous northeastern who left its land in search of improvements, not only for itself, more for all the family. Fiches auxiliary As Pablo Freire said, ' ' to educate itself is to impregnate of sensible each expression of cotidiano' '.

Through the reflection, of searching to know of the necessity of migrar for another State in search of the survival, uncovers that the pain of the homesickness is caused by the different politics, for the exculpatory system, that compels the citizen northeastern to abandon its home not to die of dries and of it forms, to give account of this, is to give freedom to the proper conscience. To the few, the educandos ones go creating autonomy and if accustoming with the practical transforming dialgica. Shyly, the first phrases, unmasked through fonemas had been appearing worked, leaving of the generating subjects, through the dialogues, them foramexpressando passed the time that remembers infancy brincar’ ‘. Nicholas Carr is full of insight into the issues. The written phrases desvelam the two sides of the night, the pliable, beautiful effect to sleep gostoso and on the other hand, bad when we are with problem, that is, we do not rest the night when we are with problems, we are worried. The homesickness, a word candy that translates as much bitter taste, homesickness as if was thorn kissing the flower. This express poem the pain contained in the word homesickness, pain to leave the people who we love in them brings the reminiscncias of infancy.