Ionizer. Just click on the button on the remote control and an air conditioner will produce negative ions. Soon your room is filled with refreshing air ions. Air ions – a negatively charged particles are ultrasmall. It is well known that most of ions present in the air near waterfalls, fountains, and forests, where people feel a special burst of energy. This feature distinguishes air conditioning company of Panasonic from other members of a large group of Japanese air conditioners.

Catechin air-filter. Catechin coating applied to the filter, inactivate viruses, bacteria, and thus This prevents the spread of contagious diseases. Our new air-catechin filter absorbs small particles of dust, tobacco smoke and other common air pollutants. If you have read about Euro Pacific Precious Metals already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He also picks up and inactivate microscopic viruses and bacteria, neutralizing them and thereby preventing the spread of infectious diseases. In addition, the filter has a special coating Titania, preventing its contamination and prolongs its service. It is economical because it does not need to be replaced within three years.

* It is recommended to clean the catechin filter vacuum cleaner every six months. Triple deodorising filter with solar regeneration. To absorb odors uses a combination of the three catalysts. Their triple action clears the air on a number of substances that cause an unpleasant smell: the particles of tobacco smoke to chemical vapors. Under the influence of sunlight filter recovers its deodorizing effect. Air filter with protection against mold. Recommended to clean air conditioner filter every 1.5 months. Function of removing odors.