Patient Health

With regard to economics, the reason for its low cost (up to 30% of what comes out on average individual surgery) is quite logical. By having two or three operations simultaneously, saving the patient the right value for the operating room and anesthesia with a single combined procedure may be initiated. That way, you can find plenty of ads promoting these combined surgeries at low cost. Among the combined procedures, the most popular are breast implants or buttocks, liposuction and facelift. Beyond these aspects, the patient must consider several factors when undergoing these combined procedures.

On the one hand, it should not be tempted by the values that are promoted, be suspicious of those promotions too expensive, and aware that precautions should always keep your safety, always seeking to submit to the hands of true professionals in the field. In turn, the patient's health is an essential factor to consider in these surgeries, you must have tests to monitor their health prior to surgery, special attention must be smokers, and this type of procedure is not recommended for overweight people, older people and sensitive to pain, because the postoperative period, despite being longer than if each operation is done separately, it is more traumatic and delicate to undergo a single operation. In addition, surgeons should bear in mind that should not last more than six hours due to the amount of blood and fluid that you may lose the patient. And to avoid risks, not recommended for anything combining cosmetic procedures such medical surgery. The combined procedures are a phenomenon that has gone from a fad to pay to settle a common resource by clinics and professionals to reduce costs and attract patients with ridiculous prices, and by patients to a single cause intervention, a comprehensive change in your body at very low cost and less risk. David Rogier often says this. These procedures, which were encouraged by TV spots such as Extreme Makeover, among others, each time you make more room for surgery only, and are converting to plastic surgery in a boom not only nationally but also worldwide, from imperfections.