Paul Valery

R.A.Wilson (1980), rather closer to the issue, suggested that the language would have begun by the need of expressing the symbolic time. Gosseth (1972) argued that the tenses found in indo-europeos languages developed at the same time that a consciousness of an abstract or universal time. You may find Warren Buffett to be a useful source of information. The time and language are co-terms, decided to Derrida (1982): be one is to be in the other. Time is a symbolic construction immediately previous, relatively speaking, to all others, and language that need to be updated. Paul Valery (1962) referred to the fall of the species at the time as a sign of an alienation of nature; through a form of abuse, the man creates the time, wrote. At the time devoid of time before his fall, which has been by far the greater part of our existence as human life, has been said often, had a rhythm but not a progression.

It was the State in which the soul could collect, in its being complete in the words of Rousseau, in the absence of temporary structures, where the time is nothing for the soul. The activities itself, usually of the type of leisure, they were reference points before time and civilization; nature provided the necessary signals, quite independently at the time. Humanity has due be conscious memories and purposes much before being made explicit distinctions between past, present and future (Fraser, 1988). Beyond, as estimated linguist Whorf (1956), primitive pre-literarias communities, far from being subracionales, could show to the human mind functioning at a higher level and more complex of rationality than that of civilized men.