Paying Foreign Debt

The situation became untenable. They can not or will meet in the temple to fulfill their ritual jeroky nembo'e. The rattles and no longer takuara may sound. They can not drink their kaguy (chicha). They can no longer meet in assemblies. They can not regularly meet with any of these ancient sacred principles common to almost all of them. And to think that these principles are the reason for their lives. Indians have long started to fade and survive in this threatening dark.

They became invisible to our senses (they are but are not), hence we became insensitive to their plight. Neither the Jews or blacks, or those with cancer or HIV, etc.. have been so discriminated against and have been scorned as Indigenous communities, and there is no worse form of a reduction than that which is generated in precisely the discrimination and contempt. The reduction covered their lands, their religions, cultures and languages in particular. The conquerors, in the name of God and King, murdered millions of Indians, and those who survived the holocaust were raped, enslaved and subjected to all kinds of hard labor. Then the missionaries were commissioned proceed with the further reduction, the religious, the cross, which was also violent, bloody and tragic. The few Indians who survive today are subjected to the reduction of the landowners, of pesticides and environmental degradation, which are the modern face of the reduction but evil and death. While a few powerful exponents of the company boast mentioning that agribusiness (soy, especially GM) is the best tool to pay the foreign debt, hundreds of innocent Indians and non-indigenous are being contaminated criminally.