Peaches Geldof Suffered Overdose On Drugs

The daughter of Bob Geldof would be almost died that will listen but don’t like father Bob. The daughter of singer, Peaches Geldof, to have drugs overdose at the weekend to. The Sun reported today about it. A source of the newspaper claims a Freud of peaches had saved her life because she would have lost already the awareness. He thought it through a chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation alive, until the rescuers had arrived. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit UBS Wealth Management. “Peaches couldn’t breathe for a few minutes. Her friends had to get by the first aid should be alive.

If she had not had their friends, she were certainly dead or had major brain damage caused by the lack of oxygen. Her breathing has exposed not her heart, but, nevertheless, the situation was very serious.” To get them back to consciousness after the success peaches to the physician and the emergency services have asked that the matter not to the public unit. “She has a short time after obtaining their consciousness said: respect my privacy please. Also she not wanted in the hospital, to make there continue to investigate. She was afraid that everything comes out”, so the source continues. Now everything is out there, and Bob Geldof will certainly not be pleased about it.