As we see in the table, last the definite time pra each substance, another one will be initiated and the next one already duly is set appointments. It does not have a rule for how many squares they must be read per day, but has the importance of if thinking that ' ' initiated square is squared terminado' '. Thus, to the few some substances go finishing and other they go being inserted for the continuation of the cycle. Source: Mortimer J Buckley. Valley to remember that the necessary time for the confection of summaries and the accomplishment of exercises also is enclosed in each square of the substance. Therefore we see the size of importance to distribute adequately you discipline them throughout the table and also of the rectification of the same one some necessity in this direction will have been seen. FINAL PREPARATION At this moment with the spreading of the proclamation, new substances will appear and some studied others more will not fall. At this moment, it lacks little time for the accomplishment of the test and those that had not been prepared throughout the time, probably will lose.

With the proclamation in the hands it is hour to strengthen substances that still leave doubts and mainly to develop a cycle of study only with the new features, that until the hour of the test will have preference on excessively. Many previous tests of the same board must be made and tests also simulated, so that if it verifies as to divide the time of accomplishment of the test and not to have surprises with desperation because of me the use of the time of accomplishment of the same one. Remembering that the tests costumam to have similar questions very ace of previous competitions for the same position and therefore to valley the penalty to bet in time necessary to remake the same diverse questions times.