Preparing A Site To Promote Internet

In this article I want to share my thoughts on the optimization and site promotion to the first position in search engines. Do you already have a website. patible beliefs. Created it yourself, or you fabricated his team of Web design for example, but it is only visible to you and your friends to whom you have the address of the site. The question arises as to make any visitor, by typing in a search engine query on the subject of your site, saw the link to you in the first positions derived results? You can go with 2 ways. 1. Entrust the work to promote the site on the first positions for specialists () 2. To do this work yourself. What determines the position of your website in search engine results? In mainly in the Russian-language Internet search is conducted in 3 search engines: 1.

Yandex 2. Rambler 3. Each search engine Google is working on its own algorithms. As it ranks sites, it is possible only with some confidence assume. Developers algorithms carefully guard their secrets. But based on indirect results of the search engine can make some conclusions.

We will focus on the promotion of a site in Yandex, the other search engines, with site optimization Yandex, as will advance, because basic algorithms of search engines alike. Let’s see what determines the position of a site in Yandex. At this point in time Yandex takes into account The following characteristics of the site:-Filling the content. Content of meta tags, the meta-tag content The update page-PR (PageRank)-TIC (thematic index of citing)-Finding a site in the directory Yandex. On stage of preparation of a site to promote, perform first 3-point from the list above. Cometeer is likely to increase your knowledge. Site content must clearly match the chosen theme. In the content should always some words and phrases which will continue to organize a search. In a meta-tags ‘TITLE’ and ‘KEYWORDS’ need to place keywords that are already in the content, and for which will be promoting the site.