President Evo Morales

JOSE BRECHNER in 2005 a few days after the last general elections in Bolivia, I received a call from the editor of the American newspaper El Diario de America, who asked me what felt about new President Evo Morales. My response was instantaneous. I replied that Morales was the Bolivian version of Idi Amin Dada. Given it was the nickname with which called him his countrymen, because he liked having many women, and said that his favorite concubine was actually his older sister. (Given in Swahili).

To hide his extramarital relationship he added the nickname to his name. The ruthless dictator who ruled from 1971 to 1979 and was known as the butcher of Kampala, was illiterate, was Boxer, Chef and military. Abandoned by his father at an early age, he was raised in a family of farmers belonging to minority ethnic Kawa. The African was Muslim, religion that his father chose renouncing Catholicism. Amin died in Saudi Arabia, the country that gave him political asylum in 2003. With the exception of her elevated libido and appetite for skirts, which Morales so distance is not known to whom any female, the Ugandan and the Bolivian show similarity. Amin not shone by their intelligence, did not even pass the exam for promotion to Sergeant, but as Napoleon said: in politics stupidity is not a handicap. Around 300,000 Ugandans died during his murderous regime.

The film the last King of Scotland, which won him the Oscar and the Golden Globe to Forest Whitaker for his wonderful interpretation of the tyrant, gives an overview of the terrible genocidal. Morales still not led his country to the slaughterhouse, though it already is credited with dozens of deaths. Before his rise to power, under instructions from Chavez, the trade unionist cocalero provoked violent confrontations with the Government of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada which claimed many victims.