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For a few euros, you can bring it even in the bookshops. It is complained much, but actually I feel better than ever the contemporary author. Where are we now with publishers: trivia was first published for the Shaker-media publishing house from which you’re now in hindsight but disappointed. Why? Generally it is impossible me due to drastic changes in costs, mean to accommodate the next book or subsequent books when the Shaker media publishing at an affordable price. In addition there are some changes to the Shaker media publishing house with which I disagree, on which I can enter but here not closer. More info: American Advisors Group. My book of trivia is published in addition to the free download as print edition published by BoD and available in addition to bookstores and online providers such as Amazon also through my website.

In addition to an improved quality of book (hardcover with dust jacket and bookmark) and a lower selling price it was important to find a reliable publishing partner, with which I can work permanently and where I know my future book projects well accommodated me with switching to BoD. I think I’ve made the right decision with the BoD Verlag. I personally look forward to your book of Aurora and intend to read it. When can you expect roughly with the release? The Mysteryliebesroman of Aurora, in the the young Hitchhiker Lilith on a motorway service area meets a man and with him on a journey through his soul moves, where nothing is, it seems, exists as a finished manuscript, must however completely revised. Currently, the manuscript of trivia is primarily – the love story of a suicidal woman who falls in love with a mentally handicapped man and learns to appreciate life through him. I hope to start soon with the corrections to Aurora. A first sample to Aurora will be soon be found on my Web page.

Jasmin Bolger: Trivia Publisher BoD 204 pages. Bound with dust jacket. ISBN 978-3-837066-82-1. 19.95 euro free of charge as a pdf. Jasmin Bolger, born in 1972 in a small town in Lower Saxony, Germany, is a writer and worked as a clerk in the publishing industry, their main concern, writing, to devote for years before she joined in a part-time job, to. Jasmin Bolger is married and lives in bilk, Dusseldorf, Germany, and is currently working on her new novel.