Radio Remote Control

Modern radio remote control with cable connections are often far superior cranes with tax bottles are powered, so a cable connection from the control unit to the crane. But increasingly prevail radio remote control: you have demonstrated their suitability in different industries for many years and significantly increases the safety for the operator: because he can move freely and in such a position that he always sees the load as prescribed, but they never will be vulnerable to. Therefore, many new cranes from the outset equipped with radio remote control and retrofitted older. But: how safe they are in practice? Who has ever witnessed, as in a glass a large glass to break went manufacturing operation, because the control bottle is bounced through carelessness, however, who understands why such enterprises with best customers include manufacturers of radio remote control. But time and again is to hear that you felt it safe during crane work, if a fixed cable connection between Control and receiver pass.

And this in spite of the restriction by the cable length. When radio waves we know Yes but not as accurate, if not distracted or disturbed could be. And if the crane is then independently, the damage is big fast. Because of such or similar uncertainties so many shy away from, to convert his crane on a radio remote control. Radio remote control generally consist of a transmitter and a receiver.

Several transmitter and receiver can be in multiple station operation or tandem ride. Applies for all versions however: represents an essential criterion in the selection of a radio remote control their reliability: This means that the receiver the signals of stations in his reception area except of it allocated reliably ignore must. Remote control may provide only safe data and receive. It must be ensured that they never throw an unwanted or independent action.