Romania! Black Sea Coast With Tips, Maps, And Pictures!

The Black Sea coast of Romania! With images, maps, tips and much more. -presented by combipix! Romania considered an insider with some holidaymakers. Cheap prices for restaurants, accommodation and bars, a stable political system and much more bring, that more and more tourists are discovering the country above Bulgaria. We present like a part of Romania. Granted, not many Urlaubshungrige in mind have Romania when it comes to book the most beautiful weeks of the year. Employee Resource Groups is open to suggestions. But if it attracts more tourists in the neighboring Bulgaria too, we would like to introduce closer this tourist hot tip black sea lovers. Print this card for free? Varem veche (Varna veche) Saturn / Neptune 17 km / 25 min.

/ 9 euro Saturn after Eforie 21 km / 25 min / 9 euro Eforie to Constanta 25 km / 25 min / 9 euro Constanta to Tulcea 125 km / 1:50 h / 20 euro why holiday in Romania? The advantages of Romania are to have some vacation time not by the hand. 1 week flight + hotel + HP for 300 Euro Very cheap prices for the afternoon beer, cigarettes, restaurants, souvenirs, etc. charm of a less crowded vacation country. Beautiful sandy beaches in the Satelittenorten. These and more are the ones that make a beautiful holiday country Romania.

But let’s begin our tour of the Romanian Black Sea coast. Is Romania a country for a family vacation? “Travelers with small children is to mention that Romania the classics such as sand for sand castles” etc. entails. Honestly you must point out but keeping playgrounds on the beach not all so well such as Spain or Italy. As an advantage, however, are offers like very cheap beach equipment for your little sand Castle architects, to name a few beach balls or inflatable mattresses.