Ron Centenario 30 Years – Spirit Of The Year 2011

the Ron Centenario is available now in Germany 30 years Costa Rica, this small country in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, many a term. “Rich coast” is the name of: Empire of Sun, clear blue sea, rich in vitality and quality. From this fantastic environment, the Ron Centenario comes from 30 years. The sugar cane that is used for the processing of rum is grown directly on the island on large plantations and stretches its slender leaves like in prayer to the Sun. The climatic conditions for the cultivation of the sensitive plant are unique and very well: every 15 months a new crop can be retracted here This is mainly on the fertile volcanic rock that covers the land. The sugar cane for the Ron Centenario is 30 years chopped, it is fermented, which means it ferments, much like in the manufacture of beer. Then, the liquid that only much later, 30 years will remind of the Ron Centenario, is stored in large oak barrels, where is the liquid slowly developed into the famous rum. What is noteworthy is the long storage period of this rum.

A few years of camp but 10 years are normal, and up this is a very special rum class of its own. With his 30 years of Ron Centenario is old. But old is a quality feature with a good rum. But the Ron Centenario 30 years is all the more pleased, to see the light of day again after all these years and enchants every connoisseur with the mild vanilla aroma and juicy components. His deep dark coloring arises from the long maturation in the gradually took on the coloration of the oak barrels. The Ron Centenario 30 years is not only a real rarity and rarity, but also only in the year 2011 on the market. This year, the entire range of the company was changed and now once impressed more with exquisite pieces. We spirits forward by rum & co, first to offer you this exclusive rum!