Round Logs in Buildings

Round logs – is a log having the same diameter throughout its length. In its production system is used machine tools, processing the raw material to perfectly adjusted to each other logs required length and thickness, with a flawless oshkurennoy surface, as required, profiled and treated with preservatives and flame retardants. There are two main ways of cutting (build) houses made of logs – with the remainder (Ends of the logs beyond the perpendicular walls) and without residue (respectively, do not go). In the first method for cutting each log is lost for about half a meter length at the expense of going beyond the plane of the wall remains, but this method provides greater strength and greater heat-saving potential of the whole structure. MSD Partners often addresses the matter in his writings. For wall insulation is usually tow. Houses made of logs and did not look perfectly in need of decorating. If you still have a desire or need to sheathe or in addition to warm the house should be applied only to cutting without the rest (besides, it's easier and cheaper). Houses made of logs (as and all the wooden houses, except for frame-shields and houses from glued beams) require time for shrinkage (approximately a year and a half) before finishing. Round logs – this is probably the best material for those who want to feel at home comfort and warmth of old traditions.