Russian Tax Code

It is believed that the Convention and are just those same rights. And in fact, if something is not, then it is nowhere. If there are no human rights, so they do not exist in most of the Convention on Human Rights. Do not believe me? But this even in the Convention on Human Rights says! The Additional Protocol to the Convention is Article 3, it is called: "The right to free elections." This is the name of the article. Here is the article itself: "The signatories to Convention, undertake to hold free elections at reasonable intervals by secret ballot, under conditions that would ensure the free expression of people in the choice of the legislature. " In the article says nothing about any rights.

All are absolutely right: the right of citizens to the polls is nothing short of State's duty to carry out these same elections. There is no law in the person, have a duty to the state (in other people) to provide a person to the elections. Part 10 in which the author tries to improve the Labor Code of the Russian Federation in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, Article 380, there's a suggestion: "An employer is not have the right to interfere with the employee in the exercise of self-protection of labor rights. " The question is, if the employee has the right, then why do we have to indicate to the employer that he had "no right" impede upon the rights of the employee? Do not own the rights to use them? In fact, this provision of the Labor Code would be simpler and easier to write: "All the rights of the employee referred to in this Code will be implemented only if the employer to the employee performs his duties. " I propose to make such a change in the specified article. Part 11 in which the author admits his love to the tax code I love the Russian Tax Code.