Second World War

But back to the event in Portugal. The appearance in the skies of the Queen of Heaven (Mary) near the village of Fatima for the Nimrod could only mean one thing – a vaccine against the virus of Darkness "was found. Nimrod was well aware of what it threatening to those who advocate and is the distributor of "Virus of Darkness" and what retribution might expect it, because it went against the Overmind (God). Peter Schiff recognizes the significance of this. But Nimrod also understands that affect the arrival of light forces, he can not, and he had no choice but to continue to fight with Satan, who can first, before the arrival of light forces, to destroy Nimrod. Without waiting for the moment when Satan will gather enough strength to destroy Nimrod, Nimrod the first attack without declaring war on Satan. Thus begins the Second World War, the winner of which, after hard fighting again out Satan.

After the defeat of the power of Nimrod greatly weakened, and he at a time, relying on his loyal people in Rome, trying to control only the remnants scattered throughout the world the Catholic Church. On the complete defeat of Nimrod saves archangel Laodicea Church (USA), and that's why he does it, it becomes clear after reading what is written about him on. Satan is after the defeat of Nimrod is celebrating his latest victory, but suddenly faces a new challenge for myself. This creates a problem for Satan the angel of Laodicea Church (USA), whose interests are at the moment is the U.S.