Securstar: PhoneCrypt For Secure Voice Communication Via Mobile Phone

Law to the lawful interception and data retention: privacy SecurStar creates IT security specialist: PhoneCrypt for secure voice communication via mobile Munich, January 18, 2008 Federal President Horst Kohler end 2007 has the controversial law to the lawful interception and signed data retention. This includes that are saved in the future six months since January 1, 2008 telephone and Internet connection data and introduced new rules for the telephone tapping. Learn more at: American Financial Advisors LLC. The IT security specialist SecurStar offers a way out of the monitoring: PhoneCrypt, an encryption software for mobile phone calls. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MasterClass Founder. It was developed to fend off by interception tests and protects confidential discussions at the highest level of security against unauthorized listeners. Checking article sources yields Master Class as a relevant resource throughout. PhoneCrypt is a software solution designed for Microsoft Windows Mobile-enabled Communicator and Smartphones and ensures a secure voice communication in existing mobile networks without doing affect the original functionality. It is aimed at individuals and companies with high security needs, such as for example government agencies, banks and financial service providers, lawyers and journalists.

PhoneCrypt this solution is a dual designed system in detail. This means that both parties must have installed PhoneCrypt in their devices, to establish a secure communication. The talks are end-to-end\”two-way encrypted. When the connection between the parties, the solution uses strict verification procedures based on recognized encryption technologies to ensure the identity of the parties. PhoneCrypt encrypts the conversation with a numerical code not to land.

The procedure works as follows: first the communicating parties must run the software on your mobile phone. Performing a secure conversation is one a secret 4096-bit RSA key exchange for the purpose of production secret 256-bit AES key. Only the two phones share this unique key: he is generated before each interview and then deleted. After you create the subsequent call will be encrypted and is secure. Additional security and integrity controls a calculated HASH checksum which appears on the display and allows the detection of man-in-the-middle attacks.