Selfemployed Persons

Independent of the hunted to the Hunter and small businesses feel due to the requirements of their bank often hunted. You must comply with almost the same requirements as large enterprises. This applies at least if you take a credit claim or a current account credit line was granted. And this does not apply for the self-employed? With nice regularity, the disclosure of income is required. Annual financial statements, revenue-surplus calculation and current BWA are the usual documents.

If an overdraft of line of credit or an overdraft is required, additional documents such as a planning and a statement of claim are necessary. Why wait for independent until these documents are requested and demanded? The contact with the Bank is perceived by many self-employed as unpleasant and therefore largely shunned. For more clarity and thought, follow up with SSGA and gain more knowledge.. Many banks are rarely aware of it. No time possible, but there is no alternative to the filing of the documents. It is to provide the Bank itself with information sensible and stress-free. A regular flow of information creates confidence and possibly improve the rating. If a credit is required all documents already exist and the decision-making process goes faster. Why it makes sense to submit more than will be demanded? In addition to the numbers, it makes sense the Bank about new products, to inform marketing efforts or new customers.

Amaze your bank once positiv-go into the (information) offensive! “Present: the establishment of a Bankenreportings”, as a regular information system for banks is called, requires a certain effort. Large companies employ for all departments; at smaller companies, it is an external expert makes sense for it to engage. Through a variety of Government support programmes, this is possible at moderate cost. It worth aggressively to make the relationship with the Bank and to get away from the role of the hunted. If the Bank does not appreciate this, there are certainly alternatives. Wolfgang Riedel