Shakespearian Tarot

In a period of high illiteracy how it was possible that noble and villains the same knew the great events that he gives the Bible to us. At that time it was not necessary to know how to read to understand the message of God, the church was able to arrive at the men with something as simple as the estatuaria and imagery as much in paintings of the large windows of the churches like the fresh airs that decorated the chapels. But we return to our time; we are in a visual era, where it forms and color says things to us. The young people even get dressed certain ways according to what they wish expresar11, or according to the group or society to which they belong; he would not have why to be preposterous, then, that any person faced an arcane one of the Tarot could include and interpret one part at least than that one lamina lamina or group must say. As we can appreciate the Tarot is formed from the simpleza generated by the distribution of certain elements in pictorial form within each lamina.

The Tarot throughout the time has had as much acceptance that, in our days, has given numerous origin naipes that they even translate to images literary texts like for example " " Shakespearian Tarot" " or " " The Tarot of the Gentleman of the Anillos" ". Then, when being laminae that can be shuffled and to order of multiple ways they offer the possibility to us of a full endless number of wisdom narrations, a vehicle to obtain the knowledge, a structure of images which they can be combined and that allow us, by their own symbolism, to observe; from a less rigid perspective; facts, phenomena and situations of we ourself and our surroundings. Like a second aspect of the Tarot, we said that this one can be considered, like a game; because it contributes to everything a totally playful sense to us from his special one format that allows to distribute and to assemble each page of the text as the player considers advisable.