Shareholder Agreements

Considering the more the application of a shareholder agreement for the institutional structures of society, we must dwell on such areas of application, such as: management of joint-stock company, the total meeting of shareholders, board of directors, executive bodies, distribution of profit, the prevention and conflict resolution. Significant is the fact that the agreement can be established mutual vote shareholders on certain matters agenda of the meeting, mandatory procedure for preliminary approvals of shareholders and consultation on some issues, decision-making process at the general meeting at a time when one of Shareholders do not have voting rights in connection with the applicable legislation. In addition, an important aspect of the shareholder agreement is the sphere of activities of the Board of Directors, as governing body society to its normal functioning, competencies and capabilities of operational holding the meetings of this body to address an urgent issue. Despite the detailed study of the law, its correlation with rules of civil and corporate law of the Russian Federation, at the same time seen enough problems at the conclusion of shareholder agreements and their implementation in practice. Thus, the practice shows that the texts agreements entered into by the parties, is used quite a number of specific terms and concepts, with some of them are contained in the legislation, while others require a special explanation and clarification.