Small Businesses

If we believe the statements made by Russian banks, lending to small businesses – one of the priorities of many of them. However, in practice, a small company to take credit is rarely possible. Banks dissemble in order to attract customers, and borrowers, in turn, often conceal their real income. Meanwhile, the development of bank lending to small businesses will benefit both parties. Risks of lending to small businesses have each of the parties rather good arguments. Representatives of banks embarrassing lack of collateral, small scale business, which is difficult to assess his condition, poor quality of elaboration of business plans and the low level literacy of the borrower to adequately complete necessary documents. Small businesses often can not use the 'tempting' offers banks because of high interest rates, short term maturity, lack of seed capital, complexity and duration of the procedure for obtaining credit.

In addition, small businesses are reluctant to reflect the actual financial results reporting, which reduces the likelihood of obtaining credit for working capital and investment purposes. This is the current situation in banking lending to small businesses. However, over the past few years in the Russian market began to appear lenders ready to go to meet entrepreneurs. Cricket Banks for Small Business First, work with small businesses set up small regional banks, already entrenched in this market and specifically working with entrepreneurship. Secondly, it's big banks, which have become actively enter the market. According to the Association of Russian Banks, no less than 80 large banks are already lending to small businesses.