Small Seminary

Filadelfo was born, in the city of Laranjeiras, the 15 of January of 1879, in modest home. It died with the age of 93 years. It made its secondary studies in the old Sergipense Athenaeum and the Small Seminary of S. Tereza, in the Bahia. Sobressaiu as student of rare intelligence. August Alvaro was colleague of D. Da Silva.

The known prelate it considered FILADELFO? a privileged head. Sacras in the Seminary received orders from Olinda, in 1901, of 1904 does not mark its life, this extraordinary event decisively: vicar of Laranjeiras is nominated. (Not to be confused with Outlook Email!). He wrote books? ‘ ‘ What I learned in the Peregrination to the Aparecida’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ History of Laranjeiras Catlica’ ‘. It collaborated in Periodicals of Sergipe. LARANJEIRAS me is allowed to focus the environment where Filadelfo Jonathas lived and studied de Oliveira, – ‘ ‘ History human being is entirely on the land, to the way where the man lives. few times the destination of the man is not marked by this meio’ ‘ (Hamilton Walnut). Laranjeiras was the scene of its life, Laranjeiras, the small city of the valley of the Cotinguiba, had its period of esplendor.

Of this time they deserve to be remembered the verdejantes canaviais, the city with its lined up sobrados, with its streets, streets and ways of the life, with its commerce efervescente, its life, its filarmnicas, its parties its ideas, its fights, its ambitions, its hopes. Yes, we see the city, since its primrdios, with its Churches in the grass, substituidoras of the Oratories, the great houses, of the sobrados ones, panorama always admired for they contemplated that it of far, in its cerros, as of the Matriana, Good Jesus, Bomfim, Navigators, beyond bissecular Comendaroba, church established for the Jesuits, having the consistory prettiest of Brazil. Yes, relembro the city with its men of letters and sciences, listening still the echo of the voice of Fausto Cardoso, omnimode Felisbelo Freire and other cultures. It was thus, Laranjeiras! But, exactly that all had pincelado its appearance and some luminous points of the intelligence of its men, little or nothing would have said if it olvidasse two great illustrious men. Dr. Bragana: – culture, goodness, education, elegance, espontaneidade, intelligence, dignity. Empolgante orator. Poet and composer, almost perfect, almost a saint. For its immense and rare generosity, Laranjeiras he was great, because he loved the land. Close to you die allowed the doctor it who it left house, slowly, seeing and I resell its proper existence, here, there, acol. The children of Laranjeiras did not want to leave of looking at its countenance, to look its intensely good face, as if they asked for the favour to it of a last blessing. Dr. Bragana, the man whom it preferred, in its largeness of soul, to make.