South America

According to one of the many queues tortures one finds peace for the enjoyment of a mates. This is not just a hot beverage, but belongs to the essential ritual meetings often from major n. It is a hot infusion of leaves of the mate Bush which is grown in the northeastern province of Misiones in vast plantations. He is drunk from small pumpkin replicas made of wood, metal or just pumpkin shell. This one sucks the drink from a metal tube and can Befuddle themselves a little while you will be redeslig by the caffeine rush and a little escapes the everyday hustle and bustle. The South American neighbors consider Argentines have always been arrogant and presumptuous – indeed many men are often machistisch and not just restrained. But this is often only a shell, behind which is a basically a quiet, good Hidden soul.

It has breached this crust once seen examples of incredible (visiting) friendliness. Often one is all sorts of things asked as foreigners interested locals, where you come, why it is in Argentninen, whether the country you like, whether food tastes etc. During such a conversation, one is invited with luck maybe even to an asado, a typical barbeque. While it’s mostly family ceremonial and it devoured orgienhaft divine meat, saturation guarantee included! Culinary, the country has to offer a lot anyway: This includes not only the famous beef, whose scented in many cities meets the streets at the weekend. a little archaic appearance on wood-fire grilled and seasoned with nothing other than salt, the Argentine meat is part of a unique, simply incredible delicacy. This one eats Empanadas, dumplings, usually with chicken, ham and cheese or other animal as vegetal Products are filled.

Also known as “comedores” belong to the cityscape, simply furnished restaurants that offer similar food almost in the whole country are: Empanadas, hamburgers, chips, ‘ lomito'”(sandwich stuffed with beef sirloin), and your own Argentine variant of pizza with airy ground. Especially the countless immigrants brought their culinary specialties: you can find in the northwestern province of La Rioja some Arabic dishes, in Cordoba, even a “mega Doner”, as well as Apple Strudel and Weisswurst on the Oktoberfest annually taking place. Yes, that’s right one! Beautifully situated in the southern foothills of the province of Cordoba, between hills and pine forests, is a village called Villa General Belgrano, which through its architecture and its signs such as E.g. “bakery Anneliese” is reminiscent of his German past. You no longer hear spoken German on the street, but still not only belongs to the town, because of the Oktoberfest, without doubts in the Argentine Cabinet of curiosities. You almost forget that it is in South America, while beer drinking eating sauerkraut and listens to Alpine folk music. Kinda feels like a cliche Bavarian ghost anyway. In addition, there are some other cities in Argentina, which are characterized even by its European heritage, including Welsh and Finnish. Slowly the sun goes down – life begins! Female beauties, often kunstblonidert, strolling alongside well-kept male escort through the streets, looking dreamy spirits sitting on the edge of the Plaza and sell beautiful, homemade bracelets. Also the descendants of Hans, Liese and Karl are somewhere. Her German surname from their roots and, presumably, a light skin color. You all have become a great whole, that you may not always understand, but anyway love learns; a mystery is it probably also for the Argentines themselves remain. You must have a easy on it.