Spa Emperor

Emperor – and Cleopatrabader bring the romance factor in the Wellnesskurzurlaub. Spa treatments in many short trips often already belong to the standard range. You forget the stress of everyday life and promise rest and relaxation. The Emperor’s bath is a special application, which is used not only to reduce stress but also the strengthening of the immune system contributes to this bath relaxes the guest in an intensive herbal infusion in an antique bronze bath. According to Fiona Clegg, who has experience with these questions. It is equipped with the latest technology but not old but mostly. Due to the good thermal conductivity of bronze sinks, a particularly long bathing pleasure is given the guest.

Here the stress of everyday life are mined in a most pleasant way. This extremely elegant form of Wannenbadens gives rise to a truly imperial feeling when the bathers. Thanks to the comfortable size of the tub of course the Emperor’s bath can be also great to enjoy. The stylish ambience, as well as the nostalgic bath make the Emperor’s bath with the loved one a romantic experience. For the couple there in many houses or a glass of champagne or sparkling wine for a particularly sparkling fun in the tub. An equally luxurious alternative to the Imperial Spa is the pampering Cleopatra bath. Already the Egyptian Pharaoh knew to the nourishing effect of the milk bath with honey and herbs.

Until today, the Cleopatra bath is a popular spa and is offered in many wellness and centers. The milk bath is advisable particularly when stressed and dry skin. The traditional ingredients are goat or donkey’s milk, which is used often on buttermilk. Honey, fragrant herbs and oils round off the bathroom. By its natural and raw ingredients, the Cleopatra bath is a nice change to chemical treatments. Many Spa and hotels for romance in Germany lead Emperor – and Cleopatrabader in their program. These baths provide both together and alone for the perfect relaxation. Short breaks – the accommodation, meals and spa treatments beinhalten-are these baths as Additional services to book bar. Hot baths offer the perfect complement to the your Wellnesskurzreise, let love blossom again and offer to have done something good with the nice side effect of your skin. Such Wellnesskurzreisen with romance factor are also available as a gift for your sweetheart as a gift certificate with or without fixed travel dates.